10 Actors that Auditioned for Game of Thrones but didn't Make the Cut

Casting can represent the deciding moment a show, particularly with regards to such an exceedingly popular show, for example, Game of Thrones.

With such huge numbers of characters spread out over numerous storylines, the makers unquestionably had a difficult, but not impossible task ahead. Through the span of the first season alone, they expected to fill the jobs of 60+ lead and supporting characters. While casting chief Nina Gold settled on the majority of the choices for the characters, George R.R. Martin gave inputs, as did showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss. Obviously, there were a couple of jobs that did not require any tryouts, for example, Sean Bean (Ned) and Peter Dinklage (Tyrion), who were looked for after for their roles from the beginning.

The casting of Game of Thrones was an extraordinary test, as a portion of the world’s best performing artists turned out for the opportunity to be a piece of the show. While the makers weren’t hesitant to cast A-rundown performing artists for a portion of the greater jobs, they likewise took a lot of bets on casting questions, particularly for a portion of the more youthful characters.

Obviously, the casting division positively turned down a lot of eminent on-screen characters. Look at 15 on-screen characters who tried out for Game of Thrones and were rejected!


The other huge contender that tested Jonathan Pryce for the job was actor Jared Harris. The 56-year-old UK local has shown up in a lot of tremendous hits and fruitful arrangement over his vocation, taking on unbelievable jobs, for example, King George VI, Ulysses S. Concede, and Professor James Moriarty. He even showed up close by Kit Harrington in the film Pompeii, in which he played Marcus Cassius Severus, however, Harris is maybe best known for playing Lane Pryce on Mad Men.


Shockingly, despite the fact that he wound up being the ideal fit for the youthful Lannister, Simon at first went out for the job of King Joffrey Baratheon. After a tryout for the kid lord, makers at that point had him perused for Lancel, which he said was very energizing. He has additionally asserted that Lancel Lannister is one of his most loved characters.


So much has occurred since season 2 of Game of Thrones that it tends to be difficult to recall a portion of the supporting characters that have gone back and forth. The shipper sovereign of Qarth, Xaro Xhoan Daxos, was one such character. He was depicted by on-screen character Nonso Anozie in the show, who had recently worked close by Iain Glen in the film The Last Legion.

A somewhat increasingly unmistakable name that had initially tried out for the job was none other than Mahershali Ali. He’s since noted in meetings that he lost the piece voluntarily, saying that it was one of the most exceedingly terrible tryouts of his profession.

A standout amongst the most contorted scalawags Westeros ever observed was the charlatan of the Dreadfort, Ramsay Bolton, who was depicted by performing artist Iwan Rheon. Before he assumed the job of this deadly mental case, nonetheless, Rheon had really tried out to play Jon Snow. While it’s difficult to envision Iwan playing any kind of legend subsequent to demonstrating to us how insidious he can be on screen, he really verged on depicting our adored saint.


Numerous fans aren’t mindful that the makers of Game of Thrones really had an altogether extraordinary pilot scene prepared to air that should have been totally reshot before the show went on air.

It was so unique in the way that they even had different on-screen characters assuming jobs that didn’t return after they returned to reshoot the scene. One of the greatest changes from the unaired pilot was the performing artist who assumed the job of Daenerys Targaryen, Tamzin Merchant. In the wake of choosing to scrap the pilot completely, they additionally chose to supplant Merchant with Emilia Clarke.


The challenge for the job of Sansa Stark boiled down to two noteworthy contenders. Sophie Turner was the principal decision and extreme champ of the job, while the sprinter up wound up being Izzy Meikle-Small. The 21-year-old actress, who featured in movies like Snow White and The Huntsman and Never Let Me Go, purportedly didn’t exactly have the look the showrunners were searching for.


Another well-known actor that was apparently near playing the mystery child of Rhaegar Targaryen was Sam Claflin. The 31-year-early English actor is a veteran nowadays, having taken on jobs in establishments like the Pirates of The Caribbean and The Hunger Games. He’s even featured alongside Game of Thrones performer Emilia Clarke in Me Before You. In the wake of not getting the role of Jon Snow, he tried out to play Viserys Targaryen – which he was additionally ineffective in.

Jamie Bamber was one of the best contenders to play the blonde haired knight however in the end missed out to Nikolaj Coster-Waldau.

Very little was ever uncovered about the basic process when it came to picking Nikolaj over Jamie, however, we don’t question that HBO settled on the correct decision. Nikolaj has turned out to be a motivated decision, making the Kingslayer an unmistakably more thoughtful character. It’s anything but difficult to perceive any reason why Bamber was considered for the job, notwithstanding, as he fits the physical portrayal for Jaime in pretty much every way.


One remarkable possibility for the job that wound up missing the mark to Lena Headley was on-screen character Tricia Helfer. Helfer is really a gigantic enthusiast of the books and was exceptionally anxious to arrive a noteworthy job in the little screen adjustment. She told IGN in a 2014 meeting that she was extremely vigilant to watch the show after it circulated in light of the fact that as a general rule, TV shows never fully satisfy the source material. She proceeded to state that she may, in the end, come around and watch it.

Once the makers decided to recast the actor for the role of Daenerys Targaryen, they continued to try out a bunch of candidates, one of whom was Elena Satine.

Most prevalent for her jobs in Magic City and Revenge, the Georgian-American on-screen character tried out different occasions for the job yet at the same time wound up being a sprinter up to Emilia Clarke. The choice was intense for the makers, and keeping in mind that they didn’t detest Satine, they felt that Emilia was a superior fit for the job and cast her. Not a ton else has been said about her tryout for the part.

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