10 inspirational quotes about life by Emilia Clarke

Emilia Clarke is synonymous as the Mother of Dragons, Daenerys Targaryen from hit HBO TV show Game of Thrones. The British actor knew as a toddler that she liked to perform and wanted to become an actor and she persevered to show her dream right into an actuality. She has appeared in over 10 films and has performed on Broadway, playing Audrey Hepburn’s iconic role in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

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Recently, the Clarke revealed that she survived two brain aneurysms after filming for the first season of Game Of Thrones was done. Once she recovered from it, she decided to do something for people who went through the same situations and she started SameYou, an organisation that helps rehabilitation for individuals after brain injury and stroke. Clarke’s latest movie, Last Christmas has released to some wonderful reviews and she stars opposite actor Henry Golding.

Here are 10 inspiring life quotes by Emilia Clarke that share a lot of important life lessons based on her experiences:

“Beauty is laughter. It’s being inspired. If you look emaciated and tired and full of self-loathing, you do not look beautiful, no matter how perfect your hair and makeup is. We should be celebrating having a giggle a bit more. Laughter is free as well, which is good.”

“It’s the growth of a girl into a woman. She’s being thrown into the deep end, to see if she can sink or swim, and she decides to do it her way. It was wonderful to see a character with such humble beginnings, and such low self-esteem, beginning to trust herself. So my feelings within filming it were echoed – in a much more dramatic way, obviously.”

“There are no captions on red-carpet photos that say, ‘This girl trained for two weeks, she went on a juice diet, she has a professional hair and makeup person, and this dress was made for her.’ I just wish they’d say, ‘It ain’t the truth.’”

“There is something gratifying, and beyond lucky, about coming to the end of Thrones. I’m so happy to be here to see the end of this story and the beginning of whatever comes next.”

“I think as a woman it’s in our nature to nurture someone else. Sometimes at the expense of ourselves.”

“My father always said, ‘Never trust anyone whose TV is bigger than their book shelf’ – so I make sure I read.”

“My life is unrecognisable compared to what it was. Game of Thrones has opened doors that were never there before. But it can be dangerous to see it in those terms, I think. It’s best to take it as it comes and work as hard as you can, and hopefully the other things fall into place.”

“One of the many things I love about Daenerys (Targaryen) from Game of Thrones is she’s given me an opportunity to fly the flag for young girls and women, to be more than just somebody’s wife and somebody’s girlfriend.”

“One of my best friends has come out with me for this trip, and she reminded me of something rather embarrassing. I’ve known her for almost two decades, and she said, ‘When I first met you, you said, ‘Hi, my name’s Millie, and I want to be an actress.” I was like, ‘God, that’s cringe-worthy’, but I was always determined.”

“If you spend too much time wondering what you’re going to feel like in year five, you’re not going to feel anything in year one.”

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