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Fans and critics will all have the chance to migrate to theaters this weekend to watch Tim Burton’s take on ‘Alice In Wonderland’ on opening weekend. And if you have an IMAX in your area, you’ll have the pleasure of seeing it in 3D. Not to mention, the fact that Tim Burton was practically born to film a Lewis Carroll story, this movie should definitely be the highlight of a lot of people’s weekends.

With the recent release of the Cameron’s popular flick, ‘Avatar,’ no one has topped his use of the 3D screen — until now. Burton’s use of the depth-perception bending technology has surpassed all in visual trickery, best described as watching Carroll’s story, narrated by a royal gentleman who has been dosing himself with hallucinogenics.

Whatever your thoughts are after watching this movie, besides the fact of plot and acting, all should agree that ‘Wonderland’ has redefined the use of 3D imaging in movies today.

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One of Katherine Jackson’s lawyer’s is denying reports that Jermaine Jackson’s son, Jafaar, allegedly attempted to attack the late King of Pop’s son, Blanket, with a stun gun.

Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services paid a visit to the Jacksons’ estate in Encino, Cali. A quote from PEOPLE states, “Blanket Jackson never saw or heard the stun gun,” says attorney Adam Streisand in a statement. “Neither did Paris Jackson. Prince saw the stun gun in the possession of security. There is no second stun gun,” he continues with, “Neither did Paris Jackson. Prince saw the stun gun in the possession of security. There is no second stun gun.”

Streisand says 13-year-old Jafaar ordered a stun gun online in his mother’s home, he tested it on a piece of paper after receiving it in the mail.
“Mrs. Jackson and security heard the sound coming from the second floor of the house,” the lawyer says. “Immediately, security went upstairs and confiscated the stun gun. Mrs. Jackson took control over it and then had it removed from the house. There was no other incident.”

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