5 Game of Thrones celebrity cameos you might have missed

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With Game of Thrones being one of the greatest shows on earth and all, it’s no big surprise that even the starriest of famous people are currently elbowing each other off the beaten path to procure themselves a ticket to Westeros.

Also, many of them have succeeded. Be that as it may, between those epic fights, ridiculous weddings, and skull-smashing killings, we bet you’ve noticed even a portion of these popular appearances springing up.

Here are 5 Game of Thrones appearances you most likely need helping to remember.

1. Coldplay’s Will Champion

At the point when he’s not going around the world with Coldplay, it appears that Chris Martin’s bandmate has an astounding side hustle as a wedding drummer. That’s right, Will Champion can be seen making sweet, sweet music up in the rafters of the Frey house amid season 3’s the Red Wedding, directly before the bedding service.

2. Sigur Rós

Verification that not by any means a gigantically fruitful non-mainstream band can get away from the fierceness of Joffrey Baratheon, Sigur Rós showed up in Season 4 as Joffrey’s natural looking wedding band, yet were before long asked to leave for good when the youthful King got exhausted and begins heaving coins at them. One of the elastic coins even hit drummer Ágúst Ævar Gunnarsson in the face, harming him.

3. Snow Patrol’s Gary Lightbody

That’s right, another renowned artist who blagged his way onto the GoT set. Doing what he excels at, Lightbody can be seen singing ‘The Bear and the Maiden Fair’ on horseback in season 4 while playing an anonymous troubadour who drove Roose Bolton’s men to Harrenhal.

4. Mastodon

After writing the suitably spooky ‘White Walker’ melody for the GoT mixtape, metal band Mastodon supposedly got an individual welcome from official maker Dan Weiss (who’s a major fan) to go and make their best Wildling impressions. Three of the band individuals mixed in with the additional items amid season five’s ‘Hardhome’, just to meet a truly sticky end on account of the White Walkers. Goodness.

5. George W. Bush’s Head

Alright, so Bush himself didn’t show up in the show. In any case, his head did. In the season one scene where Joffrey makes Sansa Stark look upon the beheaded heads of his traitors, watchers wanted to compare one of the dismantled heads to that of previous President George W Bush.

“George Bush’s head appears in a couple of beheading scenes,” Benioff and Weiss affirmed in the season one DVD editorial. “It’s not a choice, it’s not a political statement. We just had to use whatever head we had around”.

The pair were later compelled to apologize after furious Republicans marked the scene ‘hostile’.

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