5 Horrible Decisions Game of Thrones Characters Made

Game of Thrones is all about bad decisions and death. Right from Robb Stark to Walder Frey, we have seen a lot of bad decisions being made on the show, which pretty much make up the entirety of the show’s storyline through permutations and combinations. Here are five of the most horrible decisions made by characters on Game of Thrones!

Everybody knew Walder Frey was a despicable man who couldn’t be trusted, yet Robb still broke his pledge to wed one of his girls. It cost the King in the North an important and required ally (which he missed considerably more after absurdly executing Rickard Karstark as opposed to keeping him prisoner, costing him another fundamental power). Robb’s wedding and franticness prompted a far more detestable choice.

The Starks were just at the Red Wedding since they were wanting to bring the Freys once more into the alliance. Believing that old man didn’t simply finish with Robb and Catelyn’s passing; it prompted a cracked North under the Boltons, a more powerful House Lannister, and thousands all the more dead.

Theon Betrays Robb

Theon had a decision: his family or his friend. He picked House Greyjoy, which at that point attacked while Robb was traveling south to confront the Lannisters. Theon himself (moronically) took Winterfell. On an individual level it prompted Theon getting to be Reek, yet on a greater scale likewise helped ruin the Starks. In the event that Theon had cautioned Robb like he’d initially arranged, the Starks could have ceased the Greyjoy disobedience before it began, and it would have left them less powerless against the Bolton disloyalty. A solid North, with a considerable lot of its best troopers still alive battling under King Robb (who may have vanquished the Lannisters), would have had an enormous effect in the Great War.

Renly Splits the Baratheon Forces

Following Robert’s passing, Stannis was the legitimate beneficiary. Rather, his younger sibling Renly, with no case, chose he ought to be ruler. He split the family’s consolidated powers when a unified House Baratheon could have pounded the Lannisters. This drove Stannis to execute Renly with a shadow baby, giving him a greater power when a considerable lot of Renly’s men returned to his side. Sadly it sent a lamenting Loras and the staggering force (and sustenance) of House Tyrell to line up with the Lannisters (despite the fact that that wound up being an appalling choice as well). That new collusion determined the Battle of Blackwater, keeping Westeros in a common war for a considerable length of time when it had to turn its concentration beyond the Wall.

Ned Confronts Cersei

A less honorable man would have captured Cersei, Jaime, and their ill-conceived kids when he found reality about the family. Rather Ned settled on a private discussion with the most unsafe lady on the planet so she could escape Robert’s anger. While benevolent, it was a gigantically childish/idiotic choice that jeopardized his own family and pushed Westeros into war. It likewise prompted various other horrendous choices, similar to when Ned trusted Baelish to enable him to verify the City Watch’s dedication, and when Joffrey executed Lord Stark when he was a colossally important prisoner. Ned was the best man who at any point lived, yet regardless he settled on ostensibly the show’s most exceedingly terrible choice.

Catelyn Arrests Tyrion

This is a twofer, in light of the fact that it additionally included Catelyn trusting Baelish. Littlefinger lied and said the blade used to attempt and murder Bran belonged to Tyrion (after she trusted Lysa’s lie that the Lannisters slaughtered Jon Arryn). None of that had verification, and regardless of whether it were true, Catelyn ought to have done nothing when she ran into Tyrion on the King’s Road.

By capturing him, she announced war on House Lannister. That prompted Jaime standing up to Ned in King’s Landing. The war between the Starks and the Lannisters has been a fiasco for the two houses and the Realm.

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