Aiden Gillen feels Game of Thrones series finale must not have a happy ending

After seven seasons of war, misfortune, and torment, it’s unimaginable not to want for happy endings for the beloved characters of Jon Snow, Daenerys, Sansa, and whatever remains of the general population left in Westeros.

However, in an interview with ET, Aidan Gillen shared that Game of Thrones shouldn’t have a happy ending, regardless of the amount he and the fans may need one. He seems to have a point, obviously, it wouldn’t be consistent with the show’s soul for the majority of the storylines to end cheerfully.

The man who played Littlefinger knows better than most that Westeros can be a savage place, and there’s no ensuring that all will turn out well before the finish of Season 8.

Since Littlefinger was killed during the season 7 finale, Gillen disclosed to ET that he doesn’t have any insider data about the last season. Not at all like the cast members who made it to Season 8, he doesn’t know how the story will end, yet dependent on his time on the show, he has a smart thought of how it should end.

“I always thought it’d be nice for it to have a happy ending,” Gillen said during his interview. “But I can’t imagine that would be appropriate.”

Game of Thrones has never shied far from the ruthlessness of war or life in a medieval-style fantasy world. The sheer measure of characters who have been killed through the span of the series is evidence of that, and with a war against the Night King coming to Westeros, it would be strange if Season 8 wasn’t somewhat grim.

With respect to the show’s consummation, the best the fandom can expect is a bitter yet sweet end or then again, as Gillen trusts, “something unforeseen.”

In a 2017 meeting with The Hollywood Reporter, Isaac Hempstead Wright stated:

“As long as we can reconcile with ourselves that we’re happy with how it ends, it won’t matter what anyone else thinks, really. As long as we feel we’ve done the story justice, and have done justice to George’s universe and David and Dan’s vision, then that’s really all we can hope for.”

“It won’t go the way some people want. It will be too happy for some people, or too sad, or too whatever. That’s the nature of an ending.”

Hempstead Wright’s words are great to remember as the season 8 debut moves nearer. There’s no assurance that fans will get an upbeat ending, or even one they’ll like, however it sounds like the show will end without anyone else terms.

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