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Ruff Ryders rapper, DMX is the top priority for casting directors on the next season of Dr. Drew’s “Celebrity Rehab.” Gary Jenkins, DMX’s attorney, reported to TMZ that the “Rehab” reps contacted him after the rapper was arrested for violating probation on Tuesday by using drugs. Jenkins says the ‘Rehab’ team plans to send a More >

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On last night’s episode of ‘American Idol,’ four more contestants were kicked off the show including Katelyn, Todrick, Alex and Lilly. In the third round of FOX’s ‘Idol,’ Katelyn Epperly was the first to be eliminated from a chance towards the top 12, next to go was Todrick Hall before singing a song into the More >

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Tonight on FOX’s ‘American Idol’ it was the top eight ladies turn to take the ‘Idol’ stage to show viewers their final performances before season 9’s top 12 ‘Idols’ are chosen. Last week, singer Crystal Bowersox had a bit of an obstacle at the hospital.. which apparently doesn’t seem to be slowing Bowersox down after More >

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The dust is finally starting to clear in the wreckage called Charlie Sheen’s life. Thirty Mile Zone has confirmed that Sheen will resume shooting the sitcom TV show, “Two and a Half Men” during the day next week — but Charlie will be going back to rehab at night after filming, according to sources. Sheen More >

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I think we can speak for the majority when we have come to agreement with the the favoring side of the Gosselin vs. Gosselin scandal, including PopEater. The obvious outcome of the bout between the two “Jon and Kate Plus 8″ stars is that Team Kate wins by unanimous decision. It’s hard to believe the More >

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Simon Cowell, the ‘American Idol’ judge that everyone loves to hate, was put under pressure while being a guest on Jay Leno’s ‘The Tonight Show’ on Monday. Leno prodded at Cowell for reports on the engagement to Mezhgan Hussainy, an ‘Idol’ makeup artist. Leno asks, “Are rumors you’re engaged true?” Cowell comes back with, “Are More >

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Rozlyn Papa, a former reject “The Bachelor,” is the star in a sex tape that has made it’s way to the Internet, according to TMZ, who say it ends just like “Bachelor”end finale.. “with someone on their knees.” The short video shows a women, that definitely resembles Rozlyn, doing a sexual act on a larger More >

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Rapper, Lil Wayne, was overdue for his court date today, where he was swarmed and hounded by fans and paparazzi when exiting his vehicle at the courthouse. Inside, Wayne managed to get a judge to agree to place him in protective custody during his one year jail sentence for a gun conviction. Before the end More >

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TMZ just released some news from The Oscars, supposedly cops had to jump into action at the Sunday award ceremony, when an unknown man ran on to the red carpet. The incident took place around 1:30 pm pst, just prior to when stars began to arrive. The law enforcement sources passed on to TMZ that More >

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It seems the “Jon and Kate Plus 8″ Queen has bigger and more fearful things to worry about than handling eight kids day-to-day — like a fear of the dance floor. In an article with BuddyTV, the reality TV star supposedly has a fear of dancing, and she plans to use “Dancing with the Stars” More >

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