Game of Thrones Fans Think They Know Who Was Chasing Arya in the Season 8 Trailer

HBO put out a trailer for the last period of Game of Thrones, and really so much occurred. Counting a scene where Arya looks hysterical and has all the earmarks of being pursued. Here’s the trailer:

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There’s been some hypothesis about whether Arya is fleeing from something, yet a couple of virtuoso fans improved the picture, uncovering an outline behind Arya that is by all accounts pursuing her. Here’s an upgrade from Reddit client FadedAndJaded:

Furthermore, another from Redditor KINGSLAYER_117, which makes it obvious there are really two outlines pursuing Arya:

There have been bunches of discussion about who this could be, yet founded on rough hair shading/measure, the individual on the correct looks a ton like Jaime. So, for what reason would Jaime surprisingly make a boss like Arya flee? Which conveys us to alternative #2: White Walkers.

However, once more, Arya is too boss to fear a couple of irregular White Walkers, particularly since she’s holding a blade made of Dragonglass, which slaughters them. So what might be sufficiently startling to cause Arya to pivot and run? Fans are guessing that it could be a White Walker variant of somebody she knows—explicitly Littlefinger or a dead relative in the grave that the Night King restored. Much more explicitly, Ned Stark.

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