Here's a video of Jason Momoa doing rock climbing to charge up your day

Jason Momoa is one of the most coolest celebs you will find in the industry. He has been a Khal and a superhero on-sreen but he’s a superhero in real life as well. Don’t believe us? Wait till you watch the video of Momoa climbing on an seemingly impossible wall on which I will barely be able to move a step up and he’s doing all this shirtless 😍.

Jason Momoa has always been vocal about his love for rock climbing, and he keeps on posting photos and videos of his bouldering exploits even if he’s doing film shoots or traveling the world with his family. Momoa has also talked about why he started climbing and why he wants to pass it on to his children.

Watch the video below and we guarantee that it will get you through the slump of your day. What’s better than watching a gorgeous, megafit man climbing an impossible wall, especially when that man happens to be Jason Momoa.

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Jason Momoa to receive Hollywood Walk of Fame Star

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Written by Mosam

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