Internet fuses Jason Momoa with the Momo Challenge, and the Results Are Hilarious!

The web has joined together Jason Momoa and the Momo Challenge and we don’t know how to feel about it. Be that as it may, likely awful. Most likely.

To your left side is Jason Momoa: six-foot, three-inches, 235 pounds of strong Hawaiian muscle who stars in such incredible comic book films as Aquaman and Justice League.

On your right is Momo, the main star of web meme and urban legend, the Momo Challenge. On the off chance that you haven’t known about the Momo Challenge, that’s great, since it’s idiotic and appears to be intended to unnerve children and parents, often to dangerous ends.

Otherwise called the Momo Suicide Game, it begins with somebody messaging another person on their phone and presenting themselves as Momo, alongside an unnerving picture of a Japanese statue that appeared at the Tokyo Art Show in 2016. “Momo” at that point inquires as to whether the other individual wants to play a dark game, Saw-style, and afterward sends frightening or twisted pictures to the player on the off chance that they don’t go along.

Momo has likewise begun appearing in online kids content randomly as only a method for terrifying the poo out of youngsters.

So: one is a Hawaiian film star with the body of a Greek god, while the other is an unnerving image with the substance of an evil presence. It just bodes well for the web to consolidate the two in some kind of unholy association. Most likely because of the Momo/Momoa pun. Check out these hilarious and mildly infuriating memes:

Jason Momo

— Kit Lovelace (@kitlovelace) February 28, 2019

Jason Momoa #MomoChallenge

— Ryan The Lion™ (@HerculesHandy) March 2, 2019

Meet Jason Momo

— Luna (@AshaleMarie) March 2, 2019

Jason Momo

— Lewis Wernham (@LewisWernham) February 28, 2019

All hail Jason Momo. Stay safe!

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