Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner get adorable tweeting about Game of Thrones’ Emmy win

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The future Mr. Sansa Stark is gearing up to be as adorable as Season 1 Sansa herself was. After the 70th Primetime Emmy Awards concluded on Monday, Joe Jonas tweeted to congratulate fiancée Sophie Turner‘s show, Game of Thrones.

There was a lot of purpose behind the JoBro to tweet to the dream show: Season 7 of GoT won Outstanding Drama Series and Outstanding Actor in a Drama Series yesterday evening. Goodness, and like we know, the DNCE frontman additionally happens to be engaged to one of the show’s stars. That may have something to do with his post.

After GoT gathered up some awards at the yearly TV occasion, Jonas tweeted, “YESSSSS!!! @GameOfThrones” and finished off the message with a crying face emoticon, a disco moving man emoticon, and a fire emoticon.

So uh, Game of Thrones’ wins makes him… need to do the hustle around a blaze and sob? Or on the other hand does he need to light a fire in a chimney, toss Saturday Night Fever in the ol’ DVD player, and sob? Or on the other hand perhaps he needs to tune in to “Disco Inferno” on a circle and sob?

Whatever that combo of emoticons guessed mean, his life partner affirmed of the message. Nevertheless, a few hours after the fact, Turner answered, “I love you.”

Turner and Jonas began dating in 2016 and got engaged the next year. They shared the news on Instagram on Oct. 15, 2017. The two parts of the engaged couple posted a photograph of Turner’s hand. She was flaunting her three-carat pear molded diamond engagement ring. Jonas’ hand is in the photograph, as well.

Getting engaged to a GoT star does not open the ways to the council of GoT privileged insights. Jonas showed up on Australian radio program Stav, Abby and Matt back in April, on which he revealed has that he has no idea what the eighth and last season holds. As indicated by The Daily Mail, Jonas stated, “I wish I could say anything but the truth is, she doesn’t give me spoilers.”

He approves of this, too. He clarified,

“So I kind of respect it because I’m a fan of the show and I’m a big nerd at heart, so if I was told how things were gonna turn out, I probably would have been disappointed because we have to wait so long for the next season.”

Well, looks like the rest of us, and Joe Jonas, will all find out what happens only when the show premieres with Season 8, one last time, in 2019.

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