Just like winter, a ‘Game Of Thrones’ musical is coming

A musical parody of the huge, critically-acclaimed book and HBO series, Game Of Thrones, is hitting the Sydney Opera House from the 5th to the 23rd of June this year – and yes, there will be just as much cussing and nudity as the show.

Thrones! will follow a group of Game of Thrones-obsessed fans as they plan out their epic viewing schedule for the new season, only to find that one of their mates hasn’t actually seen it before. So naturally they re-enact the series to catch them up.

Whether you’re firmly team Daenerys or if you’ve secretly still got hope that a Stark will claim the Iron Throne (ahem, Sansa should be queen), you’ll wanna feast your eyes on this scene.

Tickets are on sale right now, so get those arms reaching into your pockets because you truly don’t wanna end up missing the boat (except you’re Gendry, then it probs would’ve saved you a bunch of muscle pain after all that rowing).

Moreover, when it comes out in June we’ll have finally hit winter… The long night.

White Walkers could be all over the place, but we’re pretty confident they aren’t in the Sydney Opera House, so it’s probs safe to hole up there and enjoy a good theater show while you’re at it.

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Written by Mosam

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