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griffin200-1292911Kathy Griffin made a trip to Alaska on Friday night to leave the concert crowd giggling with jabs and jokes towards Alaska’s former governor, Sarah Palin. PopEater reports that Griffin was escorted on to the stage by good pal, Levi Johnston, who is also the father of Palin’s grandchild. According to the reports, the comedian showed up at Palin’s home in Wasilla earlier that day to leave an invitation for Republican, Sarah, to attend the show.

Griffin talked about the news of Palin shopping for a reality show about life in Alaska to all the major networks, she said it was a comedy, “gift from God.” Kathy and Johnston have attended last year’s Teen Choice Awards together, and although Griffin claims the friendship is a publicity stunt, it seems to be legit. Last year Kathy told Time Magazine, “This one’s got legs,” adding, “I just have so much in common with Levi. We can talk for minutes. As long as I can quote ‘The Bachelorette’ to him, I’d say we have a connection.”

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