Kit Harington seen kissing Gemma Chan in leaked set photos of Marvel’s The Eternals

February 20th, 8:05pm February 20th, 8:05pm Nancy G.

Recently, photos from the set of The Eternals were leaked online and in one of the photos, Harington is shown locking lips with Chan as the two movie scenes in London. As said by Page Six, Harington’s character also goes by the name of Black Knight and is passionately related to Chan’s Sersi in the comics.

Based on the leaked pics, it appears like Marvel is following the comics when it comes to the Black Knight’s romance with Sersi.

Harrington’s character is an old member of the Avengers and is generally renowned as Marvel’s most excellent swordsman. The other pics from the set demonstrate Harrington and Chan walking on the streets before embracing.

Chan was also seen doing some scenes on a wire, which is yet more evidence that the superheroes in The Eternals have the capability to fly. Unluckily, Harrington and Chan were not in costumes, so it is probable that their storylines will occur in modern times. Take a look at all the photos below:

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