Parks and Recreation predicted Game Of Thrones would go off the rails years ago

Parks and Recreation amusingly anticipated the “off the rails” consummation of Game of Thrones. The NBC sitcom aired in 2009 before it ended in 2015 after seven seasons. Parks and Recreation’s last season aired similarly as the HBO classic fantasy was gearing up to start its fifth season.

Parks and rec predicted Game of Thrones

— Aakash (@uh_kahsh) May 13, 2019

It appears as if the Parks and Recreation group had a notion that the Game of Thrones ending would not please a huge part of fans.

Toward the beginning of Parks and Rec season 7, the timeline hopped three years into the future. The last season was set in 2017 as Leslie Knope served as the Midwest Regional Parks Director. Most astounding was the fact that Leslie and Ron Swanson never again cooperated and their fellowship appeared to be finished.

Since leaving the Parks Department, Ron began his very own construction business called “Very Good”. In the initial handful of episodes following the time bounce, Leslie and Ron were stuck against one another as opponents until their companions stepped in.


Even Parks and Recreation Predicted it

— Sam (@SamSeolas) May 13, 2019

During the season 7 episode “Leslie and Ron”, Ben, April, Andy, Donna, Tom, and Jerry (Larry/Terry/Garry) chose to secure Leslie and Ron in the old Parks Department office overnight. The gathering trusted that the pair would be compelled to work out their issues so they could return to being companions.

After they were caught in the workplace, Leslie begged Ben to open the entryway. She also jokingly proclaimed: “Game of Thrones is on tonight, it’s the series finale! Khaleesi is marrying Jack Sparrow. God, that show has really gone off the rails.”

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