Some Game of Thrones fans think Arya actually died in last week’s episode

May 19th, 4:43am November 13th, 8:40pm Nancy G.

What comes hand in hand with Game of Thrones? Fan theories… fan speculations and more God damn fan speculations, that’s what. And today is no unusual because there’s a full fresh theory: Arya Stark is deceased. Well, possibly. Perhaps. Potentially. Oh, we don’t bloody well know anymore.

In the penultimate GoT episode we viewed in tiredness as Varys, Jaime and Cersei Lannister, The Hound, The Mountain, Qyburn and thousands of others bit the dust, got crushed, or were totally sautéed by Daenerys ‘The Mad Queen’ Targaryen and her remaining dragon, Drogon.

One person did manage to survive – Arya. Or did she? Because this theory recommends otherwise, that’s for sure. She was bloodied and battered by the end of the episode but she did manage to get herself a lovely white horse to take her out of the city. Ideal actually, isn’t it?

The world smoulders and burns and there is her faithful steed waiting as if she’d ordered an Uber. We all know that white horses have been alleged to be emblematic in Greek mythology – y’know with wings and shit.

So, fans have turn up with a few references to this horse which mostly recommended that Arya may have dead and it could have been her spirit riding out of the city, in search of revenge.

The first clarification is that the horse is the similar one that we saw Harry Strickland on just moments before Drogon shattered the gates of the city. They’re stating that this is the same horse but it’s a ghost that has come to take Arya’s spirit away.

Or they’ve just used the same horse… Another theory (which is perhaps a lot darker) is that the horse isn’t there at all and it’s Arya’s imagination as she dies.

If you bear in mind, a few days ago fans spotted the little white horse held by one of the innocent locals who were caught up in Dany and Cersei’s significant bitch fight. Two of the people she tried to help were trodden by a lot of rubble.

Currently, people have said that Arya could have anticipated the horse to be real-life because she saw it in the little girl’s hands. The final one is that the white toy came to life (more bizarre things have occurred, guys) and it’s a sign of Arya’s final pursuit to punish Daenerys for killing the child…

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