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Kristen Stewart and Eddie Redmayne, the co-stars of movie ‘The Yellow Handkerchief’ which is set to release on February 26th, got on the phone with PopEater to discuss their first impressions of each other, as well as their diet of crawfish and burgers. They also spoke on how they are planning to make tabloid headlines next week. While filming in New Orleans, Eddie expresses that he and Kristen quickly clicked on the set, adding that her ‘Twilight’ fame hasn’t made her a celebrity diva contrary to some tabloid reports. “Anyone who says she’s a nightmare to work with is wrong,” he reported to PopEater, “She’s wonderful.”

The film premiered at Sundance two years ago in January of 2008, completed before Twilight started shooting. Some may wonder if the only reason ‘The Yellow Handkerchief’ is even getting released in theaters is because of Stewart’s success and new-born celebrity status. Only time will tell, the movie releases this month to leave viewers to decide what they think.

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