The Aquaman movie gets an awesome 8-bit trailer


Great news for Aquaman fans. The Aquaman trailer has formally been given the 8-bit treatment. Warner Bros. earned a great deal of positive attitude this year at San Diego Comic-Con with respect to the fate of the DC movie universe.

A lot of that had to do with the amazing and crowd-pleasing trailer that was shown for the up and coming Aquaman movie, which sees Jason Momoa back as Arthur Curry in his first solo movie as Aquaman.

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Now, the people at JoBlo have given Aquaman an 8-bit trailer. Obviously, it’s an entirely cool tribute to the video games of the 90s.

This 8-bit video accompanies some bonus scenes too. We likewise observe Jason Momoa’s hero in some extra footage taken from the Justice League in 8-bit form.

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There is a lot of excitement and positive energy surrounding the movie than there is pessimism, which seems really good for DC. Many individuals were hyped to see Momoa’s depiction of the character in the Justice League.

With respect to Momoa, he’s eager to demonstrate everybody how well Curry has created since the occasions of Justice League.

I think after Justice League, everyone got a pretty refreshing look at what Zack [Snyder] intended for Aquaman.” Momoa told ET. “He’s a little grump and gruffy. Now, we get to know why he’s that way. We’re in the origin story, and we’re going to find out why he wasn’t loved in Atlantis and why he wasn’t loved on the surface. Now he has something that’s beautiful that can help the world…And it’s someone bringing it out of you even though you don’t think you have it.

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