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30 Times this Russian cosplayer surprised everyone by transforming herself into any character

30 Times this Russian cosplayer surprised everyone by transforming herself into any character

What if you had the power to alter your body? Who would you want to look like?

The increasing furore surrounding cosplay has encouraged individuals to display their creative sides. People have become even more artistic, using a wide range of tools to mimic their favorite characters. Although, the results are usually very mind-blowing, it takes nothing away from the traditional method of cosplay – using wigs, costumes and makeup.

21-year-old Russian musician and make-up artist Jules Gudkova is best described as a ‘cosplay genius’. Her uncanny ability to impersonate popular characters, movies stars and even cartoon characters with extreme accuracy makes her one of the best cosplayers. From a badass superhero to a whimsical animated character, it’s as if she just switches appearances with the flick of a button. Andwhile she makes cosplay look tooeasy,you can be rest assured that a great deal of time and effort is involved in pulling off these looks.

Her stunning artistry is widely appreciated and she has close to 100,000 followers on Instagram.

Self-love is important, and while we wouldn’t advise you to make drastic and permanent alterations to your body, a little fun is not out of place.

If you’re seeking inspiration for your next dress-up or comic act, here are 30 of Jules’ best looks to choose from:

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1. Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson)

2. Corpse Bride

“Remake of my make-up on Emily from “Corpse Bride”… this is my favorite cartoon by Tim Burton. And yeah, I always cry anytime I hear a “Tears to shed’”

The Moscow-based artist has referred to herself as a ‘Disneyherd’ and her love for cartoons is reflected in her work. She’s remodeled herself into probably all the princess characters ever created. From beautiful Ariel to tomboyish Merida and the Frozen sisters, you mention the character, she’s executed it. Trendy popular culture is a source of inspiration to Jules. She has dressed up as superheroes from Marvel’s blockbusters as well as Game of Thrones characters. Her works also include memorable classics like voluptuous Princess Leia, Jessica Rabbit and charming Morticia Addams.

3. Hela

“I’m not a queen or a monster… I’m the god of death!”

4. Scarlett O’hara

The peculiarities involved in cosplaying have encouraged individuals to pay tribute to their favorite movies, video games and celebrities. Nowadays, imitations of the same characters which reflect the trends in society are everywhere. And, while Jules has jumped on this particular train , imitating some well known personalities, her artworks stand out.

5. Gamora

“Gamora’s death was one of the saddest parts of “Infinity War” for me… But honestly, it is not as sad as the trailer of ‘Endgame’” Which one’s Gamora by the way?

6. Tinkerbell

She looks like Tinkerbell more than Tinkerbell herself

Although cosplay involves transformation of a person’s transformation, it is more than just dressing up. Materials have to be sourced personally and costumes hand-made in order to capture the intricacies of the planned look. The sheer amount of time, resources and effort invested in cosplay by some people has ensured it has become more than just a hobby for them. They’ve taken it up as a career and a way of life.

7. Astrid Hofferson

“Have you already seen “How to train your dragon”? Honestly, I laughed like crazy! This is a very humorous and cute cartoon. So, this is a quick cosplay test for Astrid Hofferson.”

8. Jessica Rabbit

9. Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke)

First of her name, second of her body.

10. Helga Sinclair

11. Ariel

12. Lara Croft

13. Princess Fiona

“What kind of a knight are you?”

14. Merida

“A’ gi’d mah mammy a cake, she turned innta a big bear, n’ mah auld yin tries tae dae her in! If that’s not pure mess, a’ do not know whit is!”

15. Alice Asylum

16. Mantis

“When you are ugly, and somebody loves you, you know they love you for who you are … Beautiful people don’t know who to trust ”

17. Corpse Bride

18. Sabrina

“Since my childhood, Salem witches were fascinating to me with their witchcraft, coven and different magic issues . In Russia, we know next to nothing about the tradition of American witches, but that is equally fascinating.”

19. Clarisse And Mia

“Do you remember “The princess diaries”? What is your favorite part ?”

20. Cindy Lou Who

21. Rapunzel And Mother Gothel

“Rapunzel, look in that mirror – you know what I see? I see a strong , confident , beautiful young woman … Oh look, you’re right here too!”

22. Vanellope

23. Bride Of Chucky

24. Princess Anna

25. Fiona

“You know, you should sweep me off my feet out yonder window and down a rope onto your valiant steed.”

26. Giselle (Amy Adams)

It’s okay to get confused.

27. Coraline Jones

28. Rapunzel

29. Lola Bunny

“Do you remember this hot bunny? Nostalgia time”

30. Jessie


“Jessie is one of my first cosplay plans ever. I adored characters like her when I was a teenager , and now I still consider her the most interesting character in “Toy Story”.

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