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Cage of Thrones: Nicolas Cage imagined as every Game of Thrones character!

Nicolas Cage imagined as every Game of Thrones character

We don’t know about Winter but Nicolas Cage is definitely coming! Harnessing the ability of Photoshop, CarlosDanger100 showcased to the world his Cage Of Thrones project. Carlos imagined how Game of Thrones characters would appear as if they were played by Nicolas Cage and we have to admit, we are both impressed and shocked at the same time.

Cage of Thrones is the answer to a problem no one asked, nevertheless here we have a tendency to kick it up a notch, so here it is.

Here are 30 Game of Thrones characters, if they were played by Nicolas Cage!


1. Oberyn Martell


2. Tywin Lannister


3. Brienne Of Tarth


4. Bran Stark


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5. Stannis Baratheon


6. Robb Stark


7. Tyrion Lannister


8. Arya Stark


9. Margaery Tyrell


10. Jon Snow

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11. The Night King


12. Melissandre


13. Jaqen H’ghar


14. Bronn


15. Ygritte


16. Arya Stark


17. Catelyn Stark


18. Jaime Lannister


19. Hodor


20. The Hound


21. Cersei Lannister


22. Sansa Stark


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23. Daenerys Targaryen


24. Ned Stark


25. Joffrey Baratheon


26. Samwell Tarly


27. Littlefinger


28. Lord Varys


29. Ramsay Bolton


30. Tormund Giantsbane




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