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14 Reasons why Game Of Thrones is a live-action version of Shrek

Game Of Thrones is one of the most popular TV shows ever. Sadly the final season left a lot of fans angry but that’s not what we are going to talk about right now. Even with an average final season, Game Of Thrones still remains one of the best TV shows because of the characters and the various exciting twists and turns and the plotting and scheming that happens over the seasons.

However, what would be your reaction if you were told that Game Of Thrones is just a live-action version of Shrek!! Sounds crazy right. A twitter user pointed out the similarities between Game Of Thrones and Shrek and the Internet lost its mind.



Let’s take a look at the 14 instances where there was no difference between Game Of Thrones and Shrek.

The similarities start right from the choice of costumes.






And that’s not it, even how many of the characters look, and if that’s not enough, a lot of scenes are also similar.





In addition to that, both of them have Dragon characters.



What about the White Walkers overrunning the Dothraki army.



And the plot similarities don’t just end here. Take a look at more similarities below:






You just can’t deny that Podrick was in Shrek as well.



Arya, who’s also the Cat of the Canals in the books and Puss in the Boots



Olenna Tyrell and the Fairy Godmother



Even though we know that Tyrion Lannister is way better than Lord Farquaad, they are way too similar.



Another insane similarity is that Jon Snow and King Harold’s identity was revealed later and in both the cases it didn’t make much of a difference.



How can we leave behind Bran and Hodor?


What are your thoughts about these similarities between Game Of Thrones and Shrek? Let us know in the comments section if there are more similarities.



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