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[15 Photos] Game of Thrones fan takes us to the locations where the show was filmed

Game Of Thrones is undoubtedly the most watched TV series.  Real filming locations are used for the show to make it more authentic and realistic for the viewers. They allow them to see what ancient castles and cities looked like during medieval times. These types of filming locations also help actors feel as if they are in a real place rather than a studio or soundstage.

Game of thrones was filmed in several countries including Iceland, Northern Ireland, Croatia, Malta, Morocco and Scotland among others.

The show was originally planned to be shot entirely on location in Northern Ireland but budget issues forced the producers to move production to other countries.

So, Asta Skujytė-Razmienė, who is a huge fan of the series, and her husband decided to visit Croatia for summer vacations, tracing the Game Of Thrones filming locations.

Some locations on the GOT map are easy to locate – Dubrovnik is, for instance, just like one big filming location. Other Game Of Thrones locations, such as streets in Split (Croatian) were more difficult to find. These locations were either difficult to find or required long searches. It was worth all the wandering!


1. Where Are My Dragons!


2. Red Keep (King’s Landing)

(Fort Lovrijenac (Dubrovnik))


3. Stairs to the Great Sept of Baelor (King’s Landing)?

Find in Baroque Staircase (Dubrovnik)


4. The Sea Outside Dubrovnik Old Town


5. Outside Dubrovnik Old Town


6. And Inside The Old Town Of Dubrovnik


7. The Famous “Shaming” scene


8. “Shaming” scene on The Baroque Staircase (Dubrovnik)


9. Fortress of Kliss? Or City of Meereen!


10. House of the Undying = Minčeta Tower (Dubrovnik’s Wall)


11. The Gardens of Red Keep : Trsteno Arboretum (Trsteno) 


12. Fortress of Kliss  (City of Meereen)


13. Papalićeva Street in Split : In Slave Rebellion Scene


14. The Basement of Diocletian’s Palace – Daenerys’ Throne Room


15. Diocletian’s Palace, Basement for Dragons




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