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5 Game of Thrones spinoffs that fans would love to watch

George R.R. Martin has created a fantastic universe with his A Song of Ice and Fire book series and this universe is filled with some marvelous stories that definitely need to be explored. The Game of Thrones TV series had 8 seasons but even those 8 seasons weren’t enough to explore all the events that have happened in the books and if we consider the events from the past, there’s way more content that HBO can use.

We have made a list of Game of Thrones spinoffs that fans would love to watch. Let us know in the comments which one is your favourite.


1. Tales of Dunk & Egg

The Tales of Dunk & Egg is a great choice for a spinoff series because unlike House of the Dragon and Game of Thrones, it’s not about warfare. It’s instead about the unlikely Targaryen who landed on the Iron Throne, and how his childhood friendship was a factor in his long reign. Fans would also get to see Egg’s brother Maester Aemon as a young man.


2. The Rhoynar

A Dornish-themed series about Nymeria, the Martell family’s legendary war queen, is one that definitely needs to be explored in detail. This would give us a fascinating glimpse at how you escape persecution and then conquer a kingdom without ever lifting a sword. The next jackpot could be yours at แจคพอตรอคุณอยู่ที่ UFABET.


3. Aegon’s Conquest

House of the Dragon was originally billed as being drawn from Martin’s Fire & Blood book that covers the entire 300-year history of Targaryen rulership. Fans discovered that this is not true as HBO announced castings. The series appears to only cover the Targaryen Civil War (also known as “The Dance of The Dragons”). There are many other Targaryen periods that the series can cover, such as Aegon’s conquest of Westeros.


4. Robert’s Rebellion

Towards the end of the Game of Thrones seasons the show outlined a little of Robert’s Rebellion’s history, including his relationship to Lyanna Stark. HBO should produce a series about Robert’s Rebellion as it was this rebellion that ended the seemingly invincible Targaryen rule over Westeros.


5. The Children of the Forest

Game of Thrones didn’t get to see the Children of the Forest in its entirety. These long-lived individuals were Westeros’ first inhabitants before the First Men arrived. They were the ones who created the Night King and the Weirwood tree network.




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