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10 Dumb decisions made by Game of Thrones characters

The dumbest decisions made by Game of Thrones characters have led to their own deaths. Some characters made these decisions due to poor judgment and lack of foresight, while others had no choice but to make these decisions because they were put in a situation where they had no other option.

Some of these decisions led to the death of their favorite character or created unnecessary problems for others.

Characters on Game of Thrones have a lot of dumb decisions to make, but here are some of the most stupid ones they have made.

In season 1, Ned Stark decides to take his daughter, Sansa Stark, with him when he journeys to the capital. Unfortunately, this decision makes her vulnerable and puts her in danger.


There are many dumb decisions made by Game of Thrones characters. Some of the most famous ones are Ned Stark, who was executed for treason, and Daenerys Targaryen, who burned her own city.

Poor judgment and lack of foresight in Game of Thrones have been a constant theme. There have been many instances where the characters have made short-sighted decisions or even led to their downfall. Major characters such as Cersei, Daenerys, Jaime Lannister, and Jon Snow make some of these poor decisions.

The following are some examples of dumb decisions by the characters from the show:


1. Trial By Combat: Oberyn’s arrogance

Oberyn was so confident that he decided not to wear a helmet while in the duel! He has the upper hand at first. He is so distracted that Gregor catches him off guard and slams his head against the ground. He died because of his overconfidence.

2. Dorne: Jaime’s Rescue Attempt

Jaime is frequently called the dumbest Lannister. Cersei charges Jaime with retrieving Myrcella, their daughter, from the Water Gardens of Dorne. He enlists Bronn to help him, and he travels south to pursue the task.


3. Bran Gets Everyone Killed

Bran Stark leaves the Wall to travel with Hodor, the Reeds, and Summer the direwolf. He finds refuge with the Three Eye Raven and the last of the Children of the Forest.

Bran’s impatience at his progress and rebellious streak causes him to use his power without The Three-Eyed Raven guidance. He finds The Night King and his army, but The Night King touches Bran. It marks Bran and reveals where the Three-Eyed Raven is.

The Children of the Forest, the Three Eye Raven, Summer, and Hodor all die as a result.


4. Ned’s Blind Trust In Littlefinger

Ned Stark was known for his stubbornness and naivety, leading him to make many stupid decisions later. However, the worst offense of Ned Stark’s was in Season One when he trusted the deceptive and slimy Littlefinger.


5. Foolish Robb marries Talisa

Robb Stark’s army had to cross the bridge at The Twins. Walder Frey demanded that Robb marry one of his daughters after the fighting was over. Robb agreed to these terms, but he later changed his mind when he fell for Talisa Maegyr, a Volantis field nurse.

Robb’s decision cost him the war, as well as the lives of his and those of his immediate family members.


6. Viserys’s ranting against her sister and getting crowned with molten Gold

Viserys wasn’t a wise man. His life was filled with many tragedies. He lost his family and his position in the world due to Robert’s Rebellion. He wandered around Essos, begging for scraps for years. One example is his treatment of his sister Daenerys. This would continue long after his marriage to Khal Drogo.

Drogo crowned him with molten Gold because he continued to abuse her verbally and physically.


7. Cersei Killing Missandei In Front Of Daenerys

Cersei was allowed to surrender and perhaps even live afterward, but she killed Missandei in front of Daenerys.

Daenerys was already suffering from mental instability after her multiple betrayals. So when she saw someone she loved, one she believed was on her side, she snapped.


8. Varys Tells Tyrion about rebelling against Daenerys

Varys, another character well-known for his intelligence, eventually made mistakes. However, he made his biggest mistake towards the end. Tyrion was the first to realize that Daenerys may not be the best person for controlling. As a result, Tyrion was forced to look at Varys harder, which resulted in Daenerys executing Varys.


9. Foolish Jamie Lannister Going Back To Cersei

Jamie Lannister was not the most intelligent character in Game Of Thrones, but he had one of the most significant story arcs. He went from being one of the show’s most evil characters to one who accepted the knighthood oaths and tried to be better. He fought the White Walkers in Winterfell and seemed ready for a new beginning.

He ended up returning to King’s Landing to spend time with his sister, leaving behind Brienne and ended up perishing with Cersei.


10. Littlefinger Trusting Sansa

Littlefinger took Sansa into his care, mainly because he loved her. He sent her to the Boltons to get power in the North, but that didn’t stop him. This led to her marriage to Ramsay Bolton, eventually leading to her brutalization. Sansa would not forget that and when Bran told her about Littlefinger’s secrets, it signed a death warrant for him.



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