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6 Things George R.R. Martin did in the last decade — and ignored finishing Winds Of Winter


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1. A companion book was published.

George has been busy with other books even though he hasn’t completed The Winds of Winter. He published Fire & Blood in 2018, the 700-page companion to Song of Ice and Fire. This book focuses on the history of the House Targaryen, and will be the basis of HBO’s Game of Thrones prequel series House of the Dragon.

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Ironically, his original intention was to publish Fire & Blood following the completion of the main series. In 2013, he declared that he would not just finish Winds of Winter but also the seventh and last part of the entire saga, A Dream of Spring!


2. More companion books were written

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Martin wrote Fire & Blood, but that wasn’t his only Game of Thrones book. He published three novellas between 2013 and 2017, which serve as prequels for the entire series: The Princess and the Queen and The Rogue Prince. In 2014, he co-wrote The World of Ice & Fire. George, get on your feet! Focus!


3. A theater was purchased and a bookshop opened.

Martin purchased the Jean Cocteau Cinema, Santa Fe’s historic cinema, in 2013. It was first opened in 1976, but it closed in 2006. Martin bought the theater and brought it back to life. Martin promised that he wouldn’t be able to lose his job by owning the theater. “I am a writer. I’m a novelist. He said that he is a screenwriter, television producer, and writer. Although I am not a real estate magnate nor a theater owner, I love movies and old theaters. He opened a book shop next to the theater in 2019, which sells signed Martin novels. He’s still playing with us at this point.


4. Cameos in TV series

Martin has appeared on numerous TV shows in the last decade. Martin was the voice of an animated version of himself in Robot Chicken’s episode “El Skeletorito”, in which he is attacked and beaten by Game of Thrones nerds. He was also seen as a zombie on SyFy’s Z Nation. In Sharknado 3, he is killed by a three-headed shark. We can only hope that he was still working on Winds of Winter in between takes.


5. Signed an enormous TV deal

Martin signed an eight-figure deal to develop movies and shows for HBO. It’s not surprising that the company requires a lot of content to fill HBO Max. Martin was instrumental in creating Game of Thrones, one of its greatest ever successes. Yet, executives didn’t realize that there was a book he must read before he could start creating content.

6. Produced a short sci-fi film

Martin has produced a short film, Night of the Cooters. The story was adapted by Joe Lansdale (Hap & Leonard), cult horror writer Joe Lansdale and directed by Vincent D’Onoforio (“Daredevil,” Men in Black). It’s a great ensemble of talent. But, his fans think there are more important things George should be doing with his free time.



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